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#TryingStuffInJordan – Part 1

Columbia Sportswear #Omniten #TryingStuffInJordan

This Spring I was granted the opportunity to travel to the middle east and tour The Kingdom of Jordan from top to bottom with Columbia Sportswear and the Jordanian Tourism Board. It turned out to be the trip of my life because I got to see so many unique locations packed into one awesome adventure. We went swimming, camping, climbing, hiking, and even got to ride camels. S15_Jordan_MG_0240

Securing this opportunity was a challenge among the #omniten brand ambassadors for Columbia to test winter survival skills. This happens to be one of my areas of expertise so I was able to help my partner Erika Wiggins, @Active_Explorer, win a free trip to The Kingdom of Jordan. My buddy Caleb Farro won the trip alongside our team and made a sick video to highlight how we made it to the Middle East and the #Omnigames competition.








Everyday we were in Jordan was different than the last. First up we tour the capital city of Amman. This was cool to see the traditional market and all of the mosques that were on every corner. We ate some traditional foods and then headed out for lunch on our way South.



We arrived in the middle of the desert at our next location, The Fenyan Ecolodge. This place was stunning, lit by candles as we walked in, the stars could be seen in every direction with no light pollution. We ate a vegetarian meal and then stargazed on the roof with mattresses.



The next morning, after having a goat friend and goat cheese at breakfast, we headed out on a slot canyon hike that took us eleven miles up a small creek into a lush oasis in the desert. Walking to the slot canyon was in the middle of the desert.


S15_Jordan_MG_1069S15_Jordan_MG_1092After our hike we piled into trucks and headed out to the campsite. We each had our own tent and could go to bed and wake up as we pleased. When we woke up, the area was socked in with fog. Shortly after walking into the mist, it began to blow away and reveal the gorgeous canyon that lay before us. I had not even seen it when we pulled in the night before because the light was almost all gone. I was shocked at how the landscape had changed so much in such a short drive.


We got to hike around and explore the rock formations, hunting for wild chickens. After our morning scramble among the rocks, we hit the road to Petra where we got to visit the ruins that are one of the seven wonders of the world. When we arrived off the bus, we saw a big white building…

Continue the Adventure with Part Two #TryingStuffInJordan


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