Jackson Hole Versus Alta

IMG_0452Which do you prefer? I guess it depends on which activity you are doing. Both offer many adventures year round if you are prepared for the conditions. Winter is the obvious choice for skiing and snowboarding. Spring and Summer for skiing, climbing, and camping. Fall for fishing, hiking and mountain biking. With so many outdoor activities you cannot go wrong at either destination because they both are excellent in my opinion.


Skiing at Alta is the only thing available. When I visited Alta, my cousin and her climbing posse took me monkeying on some rocks below Cecret Lake after I went skiing on a small snow patch above the lake.Β This makes Jackson Hole the obvious choice for snowboarders or those who want to shred with their snowboard friends like Steve Weiss. I have only been skiing at Alta, and hopefully will get to Jackson Hole at least once this next season.


This summer I went to both and did different things. At Jackson Hole I rode the tram to the top and hiked down to Corbets Coulour which is the most famous run at the ski resort.


This still leaves me with countless more adventures at both destinations. I have not skied Jackson Hole and did not fish at either location, nor did I mountain bike, or camp. Soon enough I will check these adventures off my list at both destinations and the results will way cooler than I am expecting, it always is.


With one day until my 21st birthday in Utah, I had to make my way back to Colorado for my flight to Chile. I got a kayak as a present from my Uncle Bob which I have still yet to use but I will eventually get out and fish in a lake soon enough, pics to come.



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