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Fishing Out of a Raft!!

AMERICA!!! USA!!! This fourth of July I went up to Wyoming with some fishing buddies for a few days of rafting and fishing on the #TryingStuffTour.



This trip was a nice was to get into some waters that I had never fished and get some quality chill time in the raft. Being on the water from 8am-8pm is a challenge of patience and wit. Trying to get one of the many fish lurking on the river bottom to come test your fly, then setting the hook is something that feels so good when accomplished. If you have never fly fished, it is worth a try. If you have never fly fished out of a raft with a guide, you need to put it on your bucket list because you will have the time of your life pulling fish out of the river the entire day.


1016489_10200707706549976_1430334089_nFly fishing is something that was passed on to me, and I hope to pass on to others because of the magic that happens on the river or lakeside. Catching a fish, a part or nature, is so fleeting that you become one with the earth in that moment holding the fish to release it back home.



Call a friend who has a fly rod and get out on the water to enjoy some laughs, curse words, and beers as you attempt to catch a trout on the fly! You will not regret it! #NoRagrets






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