Creating Content Continually Cultivates Contentception

Have you ever created something that you felt the whole world should see? Whether it be that snowman you built when you were 5, or the Masters thesis you finished after a few YEARS, we all have creative content that we have out hard work into.

Getting the word out about your creativity though is the hard part it seems these days. There are the “famous” people on the internet, but how exactly did they make it to the top? Is their content really that much better, or are they just using the correct strategies to promote and share their work? The answer to these questions is using psychology to better understand your target audience. Targeting the people who are power users, or influencers can be a great way to start. These are people are have authority and are getting quality likes and shares on content that they share or post.

The key to creating content, is to make it something that power users want to share with their friends, without sounding like they are trying to promote. If power users, or influencers, share your content with their Facebook friends, it is more likely to be a successful campaign when promoted, than a post that doesn’t get shared without the boost.

You want people to share your content because they feel compelled to, not because you tell them to. This means that the content must be legit. Videos should be shot and edited nicely if you want them shared to a wider network. Video is the most important driver to social media right now. Short clips that are about 30 seconds long are the best for getting a message out to an audience before they lose interest and click out.

As long as you churn out good content, others will want to share it if you promote it to the right influencers. Build on the ideas of others and use their skill to benefit your projects and vice versa.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” -Albert Einstein



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