DAD strategy on Facebook: Dollar A Day Advertising

No I am not talking about making Dad jokes to your Facebook friends!

Spending money on advertising is a key part of business. To grow your sales and have people find out about your products/services, businesses must use advertising. Spending a dollar a day on advertising is a great way to start utilizing the huge database of online information, also known as Facebook.

However most companies are doing it wrong in this modern tech age. They are using their budgets in the entirely wrong way to build a customer base. Dennis Yu has been implementing the Dollar A Day strategy on Facebook in order to build up the right client base. His company BlitzMetrics uses analytics to micro-target within companies. Finding the right influencers can take trial and error, with hundreds of ad copies. This tinkering can lead to impressive results though when the data is used correctly.

Dennis has used this strategy to help small and large businesses. Right now he is working with the Golden State Warriors; through their Facebook page and online store, they have been able to grow their online sales simply by targeting key influencers.

Promotion on Facebook is all about finding the right people to endorse, review, and talk about your company. Creating conversations within the social space is the point of social, and in order to tap into this giant market you have to use analytics to see where you want to spend your advertising budget.

Using a Dollar A Day strategy is a great way to get started in the social advertising space. Once you have the plumbing set-up, you can begin to scale up once you see results at a smaller stage. Let me know if you would like to read more about this advertising strategy in the comments.

I would like to thank Dennis for introducing me to this concept. If you would like to read more, you can go to his full guide on Dollar A Day Facebook Strategy here: https://blitzmetrics.com/fdd/ 


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