Getting Yourself Noticed YUsing Micro-targeting

Have you ever wanted to control the audience that you are presenting yourself or your brand to? Sure you have. You have applied for jobs at companies, but did the people at the company know who you were before you walked in the door? No. But micro-targeting is your solution!

Micro-targeting on Facebook is a strategy that was taught to me by Dennis Yu. can be used to show ads to a very small specific audience, such as everyone who works at a digital marketing firm such as BlitzMetrics, or an even smaller audience targeting specific positions like the CEO of BlitzMetrics and CTO of BlitzMetrics to get noticed for pennies on the dollar.

To be able to execute a small operation like this takes a lot of set-up first. You have to have the “digital plumbing” in place in order to make your advertisement effective. There has to be a call to action within the ad which gets someone to click on it or call you directly because your phone number is on the ad. If you are landing your audience on an unfinished Facebook page, then they will instantly click out. On your Facebook page, you must have options for people to take action. Depending on your goals, you can have them like your page, contact you, or purchase items directly with a storefront set-up.

This example of micro-targeting the high ups at BlitzMetrics shows how the Facebook advertising structure can be utilized to show ads to very specific people. If you know who you want to see your advertisement, their position at a specific company can be targeted in the Facebook ad manager.

Try it for yourself! Set-up your Facebook page and target someone specific for a few cents. Happy micro-targeting!


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