Finding A Lighthouse

“Finding a Lighthouse” may seem like the title of a poem, but it’s what we are all searching for. It’s something that works!

A lighthouse client is one that you work with successfully to attain repeatable results. Then you can take your process and apply it to other businesses in the same field, but in a different location. 

This concept can be applied to many different examples, but the basic principle is that if you are successful you try to repeat what you did on a larger scale.

Finding a Lighthouse client can be as easy as looking in the yellow pages for a business that is obviously struggling with it’s marketing. Help them and teach them the process. Once you have a solid client, such as a local barber, you can get referrals and do the same thing to other barbers in different areas around the state or country.

Once you find a lighthouse, you will see the light.


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