Do You Have A Good Relationship With Time?

Clocks tick at the same rate all across the world.

Yet people are not clocks. Everyone lives life at a different rate, and everyone values their time in much different ways. For example, some people sleep less in order to get their shit done, pardon my french.  Some people such as professional athletes sleep up to twelve hours a day in order to rest their body and feel at their peak when performing. 

Scheduling time is an important skill to have. Everyone can plan ahead and schedule their time for vacations, but why do people not plan their day to be more productive? Using my time carefully is something I struggle with at times, getting lost in some good music or a sports game. Productivity is possible if you plan precisely.

You might not even realize it but some people live by a completely different schedule than most of society. They have found an effective way to squeeze more hours out of the day. The Makers schedule is a good way to effectively get two work days within one, nearly doubling your working capacity. Most people are living on the managers schedule, or no schedule at all. Consider which schedule you live on.

Think about how you are using your time, and how you may be using others time. Time is very valuable and it is something that we never get back.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca


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