Checklists and Courses: How To Start Running An Effective Online Marketing Campaign

So you want to run online advertising campaigns? Where do you think you should start?

It doesn’t matter, just start!! Take action and start getting the digital plumbing in place for yourself off your business. Facebook, along with a website, are important pieces to have in place if you want to be successful. Within these pages you must have a call to action on order to grow your fan base or make direct sales.

Facebook has turned into much more than just a social network, it is a database of information about almost everyone around the world. Dennis Yu is one of the first to realize and then utilize the feature that allows you to micro-target very specific audiences for your advertisements, bringing your costs down and bringing in high quality fans that want to talk about you to their followers.

Using the DAD Facebook strategy can be a great way to get started running campaigns on Facebook. Once you find an ad copy that performs well without a boost, then scale up and boost that post to get a wider audience for pennies per person.

If this sounds like something that you could benefit from, teach yourself by downloading the Dollar a Day Facebook Guide from Dennis. The amount of information is unbelievable for the price. He is practically giving away all his secrets for free so don’t miss out. The time is now to learn about online marketing.

Dennis providing insights to a group of students.

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