Testing… One Two Three

Advertising online has a lot to do with psychology. Consumers online habits are constantly being tested and tinkered with by marketers who are trying to figure out the best way to drive engagement and sales. Along with the types of ads being shown, the target audiences are being tested to see which demographics respond best to certain types of ads. Micro-targeting is an effective way to test ads before scaling up to larger audiences.

On Facebook alone, there are many different ways to try and drive traffic into your conversion funnel. One of the most successful ways to do this in 2017 is to create short videos that are quality content worth sharing. This the key, and also the hardest part. Creating content all the time that is high quality requires constant hustle.

Once you have lots of content, you can play around with how you present it to the audience. You can run banner ads, boost video posts, or simply gain visibility by commenting on other pages with high authority (trust) online.
Sharing others work will get them share your work. Facebook is a multitude of things including a community, a database, and megaphone for promoting brands and businesses. Testing which ads work is the only way to get the megaphone effect of Facebook to work correctly.
Test it out first with organic posts to see what types of content your audience wants: videos, photos, blogs, polls, contests, etc. Then boost the most popular posts and see how they perform to a paid audience. Sponsored posts only work if they have a call to action such as liking the page, sharing the video, or buying the product. Starting small with the Dollar a Day Strategy helps businesses find the right type of fans and customers. Anyone can buy fake followers these days, but fake followers only really get you a bad reputation because it’s fairly easy to check.

Marketing is not a perfect science, especially in this new technology age, which requires lots of testing to see what works. Try making twenty different ad copies and test them to see what your audience likes and engages with.  Let me know what strategy works best for you!


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