Go Collaborate and Listen

The next era of business is going to be different because companies can listen to the consumers and make changes right away. With the speed of communication, the world of business has changed. The companies that are excelling such as Uber and Square are fulfilling needs of their customers, while adapting quickly to changes in the market. Many people who used to be”experts” have faded because they did not keep up with technology.

Stopping to listen takes a certain level of patience. Not everything is going to be said in the first five minutes of a lecture, so you have to pay attention to the whole thing. Listening is a sign of respect, and you can tell if someone listens to you by giving them little quizzes every so often. Dennis Yu implements this technique to test potential clients.

Helping business change the way they operate their online marketing efforts is a benefit to everyone involved. They get to broadcast to a wider audience, increase sales, and learn how to adapt to the rate at which the business world is changing. As Gary V says “Give, Give, Give…Ask” which is basically saying that you shouldn’t be doing things for yourself. Do things for others, yet never stop learning along the way.

Stay focused on your goal, but don’t limit yourself. Having a wide range of skills is a good thing in today’s world, where adaptation to new methods of business is key.


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