What is “Living The Dream”?

So often I hear people saying the phrase “living the dream” in response to how they are doing.

It’s almost always a lie.

People say it sarcastically because they don’t want to tell you how they actually feel. 

But what if they ARE living the dream, Andrew?

I think it’s still a lie. There is no singular dream that everyone wants. Everyone has unique dreams and aspirations, people are inspired differently. Living THE dream is being stuck in a thought box. Thinking outside the box is critical for dreams to become a reality. Those who think differently are the ones who begin to solve problems. These folks are constantly trying things that no one else has even thought about, which allows them to learn from failure and grow success through experimentation.

I think the phrase should be “Living My Dream” or just simply “Living”. This would make the most sense to have two categories. Those who have actually started living their own dreams and making them a reality; and those still stuck just living and dreaming who have failed to make a connection between the two.

When people ask where I live, I like to respond with “in the moment” instead of the city listed on my address. We are all living, or are we dying? Either way, I like to live in the moment. To me this means staying mindful about what is happening around me in my location and concurrently around the world. 

If you ever catch yourself saying that you are living THE dream, change it up and say living my dream. But only say it if you actually mean it. Most people have not taken action towards their dreams and goals. They will remain living the dream, while the rest of us take hold of life and start living our own dreams.


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