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The Thank You Machine: An Invention To Defeat The Robots

Increasingly in 2017 human jobs are being replaced by robots. Automation is helpful for businesses and CEO’s, but not for individual workers who are seeing their incomes disappear due to a smart computer or artificial intelligence of some kind.

One way that is crucial to overcoming this as an individual or brand is to say THANK YOU. If enough people with authority endorse you for helping them out, then you become an authority figure yourself.

Getting endorsements from high authority figures are so valuable because they are the most trusted ones on the internet. They have fans and followers, and they will appreciate if you help them out. When they help you out, simply say thank you and develop a relationship where you are endorsing others and receiving endorsements from others at a similar rate.

Collecting endorsements is good because you can display them on your website, such as Dennis Yu. He has a page on his website that is specifically for mentions because it shows authority within his industry to those who have not heard of him before. They may know one of the people who has endorsed him though and put more trust into Dennis based of what someone else said about him.

Once you get an endorsement and the permission from them to use it, you can boost it across all of your social media channels: website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Google+, etc. This will provide your audience a chance to see someone else patting you on the back on whatever social channel they are viewing on. If you get a high authority endorsement, then boosting that to micro-targeted audiences using a Dollar A Day strategy can lead to “the right” person reading about you, and possibly contacting you.

Defeating the robots will come down to rising above and providing something that robots will never be able to replicate. Being genuine and helping people for free can lead to relationships and further business opportunities in the future.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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