Manage Your Day-To-Day, Maximize Your Potential, Make Your Mark

“Anything is possible” is a cliche inspirational quote, but when creating you must have this specific mindset.

Whether it be a keyboard, a camera, a microphone, or a canvas, you have to dream for yourself, and you can dream anything you want! Take action on your dreams; capture your best-ever photo, write a thank you letter to a special person in your life, or simply doodle on a napkin while listening to some of your favorite music.


Take whatever you have been dreaming about and learn everything you can about that, do the necessary steps involved in becoming a master at that, and teach others along the way to cement your knowledge and reputation while creating a network of like-minded people.

Learning does not depend upon being in a classroom. Those who want to learn are those who will learn. Absorbing information like a sponge is the best way to constantly improve your capabilities and skills. Those who stay ignorant to the advice of others and the history of the world will only continue to repeat the same mistakes. Teaching others will reinforce the information for you and only increase your skill in whatever discipline you want. Some Chinese proverbs have messages similar to this, if you would like a good caption for your next Instagram photo.


Setting up a schedule for the day is an easy way to be more productive and use your time wisely. Most people choose to schedule their time around someone else’s work schedule, which is fine but not for everyone. Look at how you are using the hours of the day and consider changing up your schedule if possible. Eating, exercising, and sleeping are priority tasks obviously, while things like watching TV and browsing the internet are not. When you realize how much time you spend not actually doing anything, while scrolling on Facebook or binge watching the newest season of Shameless on Netflix, then it makes you wonder what you could do if you eliminated these things from your daily schedule. The Netflix and Chill mentality needs to turn into a Get Outside and Create mindset if you want to see a change in your life.


SMART Goals are the best tool for maximizing your potential (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Oriented). Everyone has dreams, but how many people have actually taken the time to write them down. Writing your goals on paper is the first step towards taking action. I posted my goals up on my bedroom door so that every morning I wake up and read what I am striving towards that day. Download a simple template that you can use to write down goals, broken up into three categories and three time periods.


Once you have printed out your goals and made a plan for what you want to do, the next step is to make your mark. Go collaborate, and listen to those who you want to work with. Break your goals down into small pieces and make a checklist. Complete every step on your checklist so that you can accomplish your goals, but also so you can set-up a process that other people can follow simply by using your checklist. Make your mark by marking every step of the checklist. When you reach the end you will have lots of little marks that will add up into a bigger mark. Eventually all of the little things you do will begin to chip away at the larger goals you have set for yourself. This is where setting measurable goals is key, because you have to be able to track your progress. Don’t be like my cat, Basil, and just lay on the couch all day; get up and take initiative to produce creative content.


If you think, therefore you are. Take a little time out of your day to think about and write down your goals. It is step one to living YOUR dream instead of being another cog in the machine of life.


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