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How To Live #VanLife2.0 – The Thomas Woodson Story

A small glimpse into the unfolding story of Thomas Woodson, someone that I enjoy following online. One day I hope to link up and collaborate on a project with him because he is an inspirational artist and content creator.
Andrew Commander: How would your Dad describe you to a stranger?
Thomas Woodson: My dad would likely find a description somewhere in between a tree-hugging-liberal that moved away from the South, to a hard working entrepreneur chasing his dreams and doing what he loves.
AC: What do you desire?
TW: I desire stability and something constant through all the hectic travels and adventures. Currently that’s the goal of owning a house in the next few years to serve as a pit stop between driving all over the place.
AC: Why did you choose to live a nomadic life? Are you still living in a Sprinter?
TW: I chose to live nomadically after my first year as a professional photographer. Living out of a suitcase and constantly packing and unpacking gear was frustrating. It also felt stupid to be paying expensive rent in Boulder but leaving for weeks at a time. I saw van life as a total solution, and primarily a side business of selling beautifully converted camper vans. Currently I’m 18 months into it all, and preparing to sell my second van by the summer.
AC: How have you continued to learn after graduating college?
TW: Since high school probably, I’ve been good at surrounding myself with people who are older, wiser or more talented than myself. This fuels my fire to keep up, to learn and grow, and to hold myself to higher standards than what might be expected at my age (currently 26).
AC: Which of your travels would you recommend to someone looking for an adventure?
TW: Out of my international adventures…I can’t really recommend much unless you enjoy questioning your entire trip as you carry a bike up some massive mountain. Traveling the west is where it’s at. Summers in Jackson, WY are unbeatable, from the river activities, to alpine climbing or shuttling downhill bike laps on teton pass. That’s where you will always find me in the summer when it gets too hot in Colorado.
AC: Describe a typical multi-sport day in the life of Thomas Woodson.
TW: Big bike linkups are my jam right now, however infrequent. One “training mission” for the Elk Mountain Grand Traverse involved leaving Boulder at midnight with Joey Schusler. We had our custom MatterCycles and Sklar Bikes adventure rigs loaded with skis as we pedaled up Boulder Canyon to Magnolia, the Peak-to-Peak highway, and finally the Moffat Tunnel trailhead. Clicking into skis at 5am, we stumbled through the night to catch sunrise bootpacking the continental divide, then zipped down into Winter Park for brunch. After a short stop we reversed it all and had a blast trying to race each other back down into Boulder with our super heavy rigs. 17 hours later we were drinking beers and chai at Sherpa’s laughing about how enjoyable it all was.
AC: Where do you see the future of athlete/company relationships going?
TW: I’ve been lucky to develop as a photographer during a phase where brands are crazy for content. It allows me to develop relationships with marketing managers and gives me a outlet to pitch projects. This process seems to breed photographers who are emerging athletes—and on the contrary, push athletes into becoming better content creators as well.
AC: Any other closing thoughts people need to know?
TW: Keep your eyes peeled for my Van 2.0 to hit craigslist late May 😉
Follow Thomas on Instagram @ThomasWoodson

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