For My People…

Who is going to take action in the near future? Will it be you?

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action” – Unknown

The next five years are those in which many will either make it or break it. Which side of the spectrum are you going to be on? Are you developing skills that you can use in a variety of future situations, or are you stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy?

Most people find themselves stuck on repeat mode, or even one-track repeat mode. Spotify has a feature called Discover, where new music, similar to the stuff you listen to, pops up in your feed once a week. This feature allows me to explore new music and find things that I never would have. People have to branch out and try discovering life, instead of jamming to the same old song day after day. The metaphor is a stretch but the point is that you should try hitting shuffle mode on life and see what happens when you break out of your comfort zone.

  • What you can do:

Taking control of your life requires making a plan. Set SMART goals and hold yourself accountable to them. Try to practice mindfulness in order to realize where your place in the world is, and how you can be beneficial to other people’s lives. If you are chasing money, re-evaluate WHY that is the end goal. Money is required for life, but projects that actually benefit other peoples lives will create a lasting impact on both you and them.

Update yourself on the latest trends in how people are working such as using Fiverr and Etsy to showcase skills and become freelancers to earn extra cash. Consider using one of these platforms to showcase your craft and see where your current abilities can take you.

Start thinking about the world in different ways than you have before. Things are happening that no one saw coming: Cubs winning the World Series, Sergio winning the Masters, or any of the other crazy events that have gone down recently. You can be next on the list of the unexpected.

Do something that makes an impact in another persons life. Say thank you to those who help you, and if possible find a creative way to do it. Give back more than you receive, and eventually you will get your return on investment. Invest love into those you care about and you will see it reflected back at you.

Build your personal brand in conjunction with those around you. Who knows where you will get if you dream big, set S.M.A.R.T goals, and take action.


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