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The Minimalists: Cutting Out The Crap

Minimalism: Less Is More

I was sucked into a documentary last night titled The Minimalists (available free on Netflix) which is produced by two bloggers on a mission to live simply, and teach the world to do the same.

The film tells the stories of other successful people who were not happy living the material life pushed upon us by modern society. After eliminating most of their non-critical possessions they were released from the shackles of society which allows them to learn, love, and live their lives in ways that actually makes them feel a purpose on the planet. Check out the impactful trailer below.

Minimalism is a concept where you only have the key items you need, such as one chair, one table, one fork, one plate, one glass. Eliminating all of the excess helps you focus and appreciate the things that you do have.

One of my favorite parts throughout the documentary is when they highlight the emerging trend of living small. Tiny houses and people living the #VanLife have been increasing in popularity after the recession. One of the people interviewed reveals “Living in the smallest space possible is the most responsible thing you can do for the planet.”

This makes you think about how large of a space you live in and how your carbon footprint is actually much larger than the size of your foot. Our country has a a huge storage industry just because people have been so caught up with acquiring more stuff, even when they don’t use the stuff they already have.

I would highly recommend watching this film, as I will be watching it again to pick up even more detail and inspiration. Next, I am going to start eliminating unnecessary possessions from my life so that I can focus more on what actually matters.

Think about what you could eliminate from your possessions and how it would help highlight the more important things in your life.



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