Random Acts of Content…How Some Companies are Failing in the Digital Space

Increasingly as businesses enter the online market, they fail to have goals, content, and targeting in place.

This results in “Random Acts of Content” where people are just creating content based on the day of the week.

This strategy can work, however a much better digital marketing strategy is to produce “evergreen” content that can be used over and over.

Fitting content into a content wheel or funnel, and then using sequencing and remarketing, will increase conversions. Once you have these sequences set-up, then you can just sit back and watch the funnel go to work with minor tuning.

Content is necessary for every step of the funnel: Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion. Companies that can successfully do this will warm up customers instead of hitting them with cold conversion ads.

This should be what social media managers should be doing, but instead they become prisoners of the moment, trying to come up with a witty tweet that could go viral or posting memes. No one will ever beat #NuggsForCarter and his epic campaign to the top of the twitter history books, so stop trying.

If you are producing content, whether it’s for your business or personal brand, think about your goals first. Producing content that fits your goals will be much better for engagement and conversion down the line.

Content strategy is more important now than ever before because consumers are being blasted by advertising on every medium. This had caused ad-blindness, where people just ignore ads that are being served.

Word-of-mouth is what social media is supposed to be used for, and the companies that adapt their strategies will be the success stories going forward. Creating meaningful communities online through Facebook is what the new mission of Mark Zuckerberg is, and he has gotten us this far. #ZuckerbergMusk2020


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